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The Pulse

$149.95 $109.95

Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, our light weight kick scooter allows you to cruise with ease with its non-slip, weight absorbing, and extra wide deck that ensures a secure footing and comfortable ride. It is constructed with aluminum and steel, comfortable rubber handle, reliable brakes, and equipped with front suspension designed to withstand everyday use and abuse.


Large wheels featuring Latta
Suspension Technology

Easy Uni-Click fold
for convenience

Extra-long and wide base
for safety and stability

Lightweight Stealth
Grade Aluminum body


Built for punishment.

Rough roads, daring tricks: Our scooters are designed to withstand it all.

Brake light add-on
option available

Heat-treated ABS stainless steel
breaks for durable, reliable safety

205mm PU casted hi-
rebound wheel

Non-slip, extra
wide deck:
22.5" x 5.5"

Powerful, lightweight
aluminum alloy, anti-
rattle frame

Mudguard and
kickstand prevent
wear and tear

Carrying strap
for portability

rubber handle

front suspension

Front wheel
size: 205mm


3 adjustable heights:
35.25" / 37" / 39"

Weight limit:
220 lb. / 100 kg.

Full size:
36.75” x 18.5” x 39.5”

Folded size:
32.4” x 4.75” x 13”



With 205mm PU casted, oversized hi-rebound front and rear wheels and bouncy front suspension shocks, you’ll enjoy low vibration and barely feel rough pavement and rocky roads.

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Folds at the push of a button.

Our patented push button folding system is designed to quickly and safely fold the scooter for easy storage or transport.



Everyone is different. Our scooter’s handlebar features 3 adjustable height options (35”, 37” and 39”), so no one feels awkward.


Extra-Wide Scooter deck.

Our exclusive extra-wide, non-slip scooter deck increases stability. Our high-quality heat-treated break means you stay in control.

1-year warranty

We believe in the quality of our products, so we’ve got you covered.

Fast and free shipping

Your order will be processed within 24 hours. How’s that for speed?

US-based support

However you want to get in touch, our support team is here for you.

why akick scooter?

Timeless tech that lasts forever.

Pricy electric scooters last just a few years. La Scoota’s durable construction and replaceable parts mean you’re getting value that will last you years.

Kick global warming’s butt.

We all feel a little responsible for the environment around us. Kick scooters are our response to cars, trains, and other forms of travel fueled by, well, fuel.

Doable exercise in a sluggish world.

Sneak in a workout while cutting walking speeds in half. Scooting is a low-impact cardio regime that won’t stress out your joints. And a compact size makes scooters big-city-friendly.