LaScoota Adult - Grey


The perfect, highly durable, and practical choice for any teen or adult. Our scooter is well made with high-quality materials to deliver fun for years without skipping a beat!

The brand-new premium adult scooter is built for an easy ride and sophisticated advanced features:

  • Adjustable Height Handlebar

Our scooter’s handlebar features 4 adjustable height options (38.6/40.6/42.6inch) and will keep adjusting with your kids as they grow taller and stronger. Plus, the 100kg (220 pounds) capacity makes it a dependable choice for any age.

  • No Assembly Needed

 We know how most people dread waiting, so we made the assembly of this scooter a real breeze for everyone. Few seconds and you are ready to go!

  • Safety Features & Comfy Riding Specs

Equipped with a 205mm PU casted, big & high-rebound front and rear wheels and a heat -treated break, you never lose control at high speeds and can always come to a secure stop. Plus, the front suspension and wide deck provides the smoothest ride.

  • Foldable & Easy to Carry

Convenience is the name of the game and our scooter comes with an easy-to-fold design - thanks to the push-up folding mechanism for convenient storage & carry. Plus, the carry strap allows an easy transportation when on the go.

Welcome to a world that moves. Get where you need to go on your own terms, in style, and reliably.


Product: 39.25 x 18 x 42.5 inch

Packaging: 6.1 X 15.9 X 34 inch