LaScoota Kids 2 in 1 - Honey


The advanced and self-balancing 3-wheel toddler scooter provides a quiet and smooth ride while offering the necessary stability and support for your little one.

Safe, reliable, fun -- packed with adjustable and customizable features:

  • Light Up Wheels

As you scoot, the turning wheels light up in a variety of flashing colors, adding an original and fun twist to the ride. It features PU wheels and big front tires, so it runs smoothly even on surfaces that are uneven & bumpy.

  • Wide, Comfortable, Adjustable, and Removable Seat

The sitting mode on this scooter means young kids can use it as a ride-along, then remove the seat with 2 height options (24.5/27.5 cm) and use it in scoot mode when they get older. 

  • Adjustable Handle Bar

The handlebar also has 3 adjustable height options (27.5/30.75/34 inch) to accommodate kids of different ages. 

  • Extra Wide Deck for Stability

The scooter is equipped with a low-to-the-ground, grippy, and extra wide deck that is large enough to fit both feet. 

  • Lean-To-Steer Technology

The scooter uses the LEAN-TO-STEER technology, which means the scooter is controlled by leaning rather than turning the steering wheel, this design helps your child develop balance skills, coordination and more. 

  • New and Improved Screw

With our new and improved screw, you can now install or remove the scooter seat in just 30 seconds. No more tools needed!

Expand your child’s motor skills and horizons while building their confidence, ready for moving on to more challenging rides in the future. Our scooter is ideal for little one’s ages 2-14, buy it ONCE for years of fun. Journey on!


Product: 12.8 x 9 x 34 inch

Packaging: 6.2 X 11.8 X 24 inch