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Our award-winning scooters are packed with safety features for the whole family. For this month only, save 25% when you order two or more scooters. Discount applied automatically at checkout!

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Design meets function

Teen and adult

The Pulse

Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, our light weight kick scooter allows you to cruise with ease with its non-slip, weight absorbing, and extra wide deck that ensures a secure footing and comfortable ride.

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Not the Scooter you grew up with

We all had one. It had tiny, rock-hard wheels and a razor thin frame that rattled down the road with every painful push. We loved the freedom of a scooter, but we wanted something better!

  • Details

    Precision-milled parts mean a stronger, longer lasting scooter.

  • Are

    Precise fittings mean less vibration and more stability while riding.

  • Everything

    Ultra premium materials mean a better riding experience in any condition.

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Safe for kids

Sit N' Scoot

Ideal for toddlers and small children beginning to ride. A removable seat allows children as young as two to ride with comfort and ease. Remove the seat when your little one is ready to ride like the big kids. Built-in safety features put parents at ease while kids can do their thing.

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Don’t take our word for it


Great Adult Scooter At A Great Price!!

"My two daughters use scooters when we go on our evening walks, and I decided to buy an "adult" scooter to take so we could all go faster. After looking at all the different options, I settled on this one. I'm glad I did. The scooter is sturdy. The ride is smooth. The large wheels make going over rocks, cracks, or other obstacles easy. The bearings used in the wheels make it glide along effortlessly. This thing WANTS to move. I'm 6' tall and I weigh just over 240 lbs, and it carries me along with no troubles, so it should be fine for most adults. Great product. Great price. Highly recommend."

Well made, designed and styled

“So far this scooter has definitely met our expectations. We were already impressed with the LaScoota kids scooter in our stable, so thought we'd give this new, larger model a try for the bigger, ahem, kids in our home. This "teen" version was not disappointing. You can feel the quality of materials chosen and the way the pieces fit together. It's got a sturdy, functional design that shows careful consideration for comfort, see: handle bar grips, shock absorption, shoulder strap, a kick-stand! Lastly, it also just looks cool. Great style with its lines and shape. Big fan of the color scheme we chose!”

Compared with 3 different products but this one is the highest quality

"I ordered three different scooters which are LaScoota, ChromeWheels and Micro. For Micro Mini Kick Scooter, it is good item but I felt a little bit over priced. For ChromeWheels, you get what you paid for it. Good price but quality wasn't high enough. Overall LaScoota is the best price and good quality."

Quality Product, I highly recommend it to others!

"I was hesitant to order thinking that the quality might not be great because of the low price and oh boy was I wrong! The scooter came beautifully packaged and the quality of the scooter is great! The plastic is thick and durable, the frame it very sturdy and the wheels are nice and my sons enjoy the lights. My boys are hard on their toys and we play outside for hours everyday we will get many years of use out of this scooter. I purchased it for my one year old he is able to sit on the seat and touch the ground on the lowest setting and it has no problem supporting my weight when riding it without the seat on. Great product I highly recommend it."

Changing the world

Lascoota world family

We are proud to support so many riders around the world 🌎 We believe that a quality scooter can improve your health, your mood, your carbon foot print and even your budget!

Since day one our goal has been simple: Change the world with a premium-quality scooter that is affordable for the everyday rider.