Quality Craftsmanship.

LaScoota engineers high-performance, nimble kick scooters for riders of all skill levels. And we’ve built thoughtful features into every ride, from our kid-friendly light-up 2-in1 to our commutable cult favorite Metro scooter.

Many Styles To Choose From!

From pink marble to sleek black, we’re proud to offer a massive variety of on-trend colors and designs to serve the style of every rider.

Cutting-Edge Features.

We’ve built thoughtful features into every ride, from our kid-friendly light-up 2-in-1 to our comfort-enhanced cult favorite Metro scooter.

Beautiful. Colorful.


We believe you don’t need to go electric to craft a sleek, high-performance, feature-packed scooter.

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The Year: 2017. The Catalyst: Our Kids.

We always wanted a fun, family-friendly activity that would get the kiddos outside. But there were no safe scooter options for toddlers that let them scoot or sit. So we made one ourselves, adding a seat and other cool features like adjustable height options.

We loved what we had made. So we put it out into the world. Parents loved that this fun activity was also healthy, getting kids to exercise, balance, and focus. And, of course, kids loved the light-up wheels.

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Pricy electric scooters last just a few years. La Scoota’s durable construction and replaceable parts mean you’re getting value that will last you years.


We all feel a little responsible for the environment around us. Kick scooters are our response to cars, trains, and other forms of travel fueled by, well, fuel.


Sneak in a workout while cutting walking speeds in half. Scooting is a low-impact cardio regime that won’t stress out your joints. And a compact size makes scooters big-city-friendly.