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Creating a world that moves. 

LaScoota has been selling cutting- edge scooters since 2018. 
In a world moving so quickly, we need to enjoy the moments we have. That's why we have created a diverse product line for the entire family. We started LaScoota to help individuals get outside and active and help families create meaningful moments.
Lascoota’s high-quality and expertly designed scooters are built to go with you as you journey through life.  From the materials we use to our durable designs, every scooter is truly built to last. 
We are constantly evolving and improving our designs to bring you the best product possible so you and your family can ride your LaScoota for life. 
We also offer the best customer care in the industry. When you become a customer of LaScoota, you become family. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to ensure

Our Values

Our products are expertly designed in the US to deliver years of safe and comfortable riding for the whole family. Built to last, our scooters will be right alongside your family for years.
Customer Care 
Every LaScoota customer becomes part of our family and ensuring their complete satisfaction is a top priority for our team. 
Our self-balancing scooter provides a quiet and smooth ride while offering necessary stability and support for young children. Our durable frames and unique wheel system create a smooth and safe ride for the whole family.
Available in a variety of stylish designs and colors, there is a LaScoota to fit everyone's unique taste. Wherever you're headed, LaScoota will take you there in style.                                                
Constructed with aluminum and steel, comfortable rubber handle, reliable brakes, and equipped with front suspension designed to withstand everyday use and abuse, LaScoota products stand the test of time. 
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